Meet The Team

Edmond Kizito – Chief Executive

Edmond is one of Africa’s finest journalists and most experienced Media Managers. He has worked for world-class agencies including Reuters News Agency, the Voice of America and Business Day, South Africa’s best-selling business newspaper.

He has consulted for global brands including PricewaterhouseCoopers, and British-based charities Action Aid International and Send A Cow besides a host of other multi-national groups. He was part of the founding team for The East African newspaper, contributing to its conceptualization and design.

He has owned media houses as well as helping others thrive. He designs revolutionary content. In 1996 he started a weekly magazine which he took from selling 2,000 copies a week to 25,000 copies a week in only four months.

In 2004 he consulted for a Rwandan-based newspaper, The New Times, which he took from a circulation of 1,200 copies a week to 7,500 copies a week in only six weeks. In 2013, he consulted for a South Sudanese newspaper that he took from a paltry 500 copies a week to 2,500 copies a week in six weeks. He has travelled widely on the continent, in Europe and elsewhere.

At the moment he manages a multi-media enterprise operating a Radio and Television station beside a vibrant Digital platform. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of Kizito Group of Companies, a multi-entreprise group that he founded. He is based out of East Africa and he travels widely within the region and beyond.

He has been Chairman for several Boards of Directors including for-profit agencies as well as international Non-Governmental Organisations. A pioneer, he has been part of several revolutionary initiatives both for-profit and charitable. He speaks English and French. He has been involved in the training and mentorship of journalists for challenging careers worldwide.

Edmond is also a member of the Opinion Leaders’ Panel, a think tank of the London-based Economist magazine that groups top business owners and executives around the world that are regularly polled on the salient global economic and political trends.

Nicole Namubiru – Vice President, Media For Africa

Nicole is a budding entrepreneur with a strong background in the media. A graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication in Makerere University, she has worked on Television, Magazines and Newspapers in East Africa. She also contributes to The Independent, a quality, and highly analytical weekly magazine based in Kampala. At Kizito Group, she deputises the Chief Executive in crafting market entry strategy for the Media wing on the African continent.

Tonny is a conscientious entrepreneur growing a multi-sectoral multinational out of London, United Kingdom.

He is Chairman of Tonniez Group Holdings, which he founded in East Africa in 2008 and is the author of 7 titles on entrepreneurship and talent growth.

As Corporate Affairs Director, Europe for Kizito Group of Companies, he oversees all public engagements for the company there.

He has travelled widely in Africa, Asia and Europe. A mentor, he has spoken at large public fora intended to spring young people into their various destinies.

His private Group operates a chain of 28 businesses in Africa and Europe with plans to grow a Fortune 500 company in 10 years.